Respected delivery, natural delivery, humanized delivery

The natural assistance to a normal delivery, the respected delivery and/or humanized delivery is that which follows the physiological process, the natural progress of labour, respecting the expectations expressed by the woman and her partner. What is intended in the delivery care is to provide maximum comfort and psycho-emotional support to both the mother and her partner and the baby, with the aim of ensuring a good maternal and perinatal outcome at all times. A respected delivery does not imply having to renounce the possibilities of control and speed of action in case of need, but always ensuring an environment close to the woman and her surroundings.

The goal of our care is:

  1. Offer an attention to childbirth respecting the physiological process, giving more prominence to the wishes of the woman and her partner, respecting their intimacy to the utmost and, at the same time, making them participants in the decision-taking process.
  2. Encourage the involvement of professionals, giving information and support to women to help them in taking decisions throughout the process.
  3. Facilitate decision-taking while preserving the safety of the mother and baby at all times.

Our performance is based on the knowledge that:

  • Labour is a physiological process that must be respected.
  • The woman has the right to be informed and to decide.
  • The attitude of the staff must be respectful, support the process, and offer decision-taking resources to the woman.
  • The birth plan that is developed before childbirth is the ideal time to reflect on what respectful attention to childbirth means for women.

At Corachan Dona, we offer:

  • An informed staff with training and practice in natural assistance of normal delivery.
  • Adequacy of the spaces of the obstetric area, so that there is no interference with respectful and/or humanized care.

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