Our healthcare assistance mode

Clínica Corachan’s clinical model offers its patients an extensive catalogue of medical and surgical specialities that guarantee comprehensive attention to any health problem.

The central care departments (medicine, paediatricsoncology and cardiology) offer accessible, approachable attention of the highest quality that enables a bond of closeness and trust to be established between the patient and the institution.

The broad and varied range of surgical team members from all specialities means our patients can choose the professional that best suits their needs from the clinical point of view as well as accessibility and treatment.

The care support departments (diagnostic imaging, clinical analysis, pharmacy) provide medical teams with the necessary tools to carry out the clinical process in an agile and efficient manner.

Our rigorous accreditation system enables Clínica Corachan to have the best and most experienced healthcare professionals who are leaders and benchmarks in each of their respective specialities.

Our nursing team guarantees the continuity of care of all hospital processes by applying all technical knowledge in a safe and humane manner via teamwork.

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