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Corachan Neurosciences

Clínica Corachan launches Corachan Neurosciences, a comprehensive care area that includes:

  • Neuropaediatric Service
  • Clinical Neurophysiology Service for Adults and Children
  • Infant and Youth Psychiatry Service
  • Neurodevelopment Unit
  • Paediatric Neurosurgery Service

Corachan 1
Buïgas, 19
08017 Barcelona

Corachan 2
Plaça Dr. Manuel Corachan, 4
08017 Barcelona

Corachan 3
Gironella, 6-8
08017 Barcelona

Corachan Nord
Tres Torres, 7
08017 Barcelona

Corachan Emergencies
Accessible by calle Buïgas
08017 Barcelona

Rehabilitation Service
Rafael Batlle, 20
08017 Barcelona

Corachan Castellnou
Castellnou, 31-33
08017 Barcelona


Corachan map

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