The baby’s first moments

Clínica Corachan is a hospital that promotes the mother-baby/father-baby bond, by way of which healthy children maintain SKIN-TO-SKIN contact with the mother and they move together to the room.

It also promotes the early start of BREASTFEEDING with information and advice from the team and a health education programme aimed at parents.

Likewise, the possibility of donation of umbilical cord blood is offered, which can be to a public or private bank.


The patient may be accompanied by a family member during delivery. If you have already been assigned a room, it is recommended that the rest of the family wait there. It is also advisable to limit the number of relatives to preserve the ideal conditions of the hospital environment.

Benefits of the kangaroo method

  • Synchronizes the new-born’s breathing to that of his mother/father.
  • Improves temperature the regulation.
  • Produces comfort and reduces anxiety.
  • Reduces severe morbidity.
  • Increased growth.
  • Increases milk production (vertical position helps feeding).
  • Empowers parents in their child's care.
  • Reduces stress in parents in the case of admission to the neonatal unit.

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