The day of delivery

How do I know if I am in labour?

We recommend you go to the clinic if:

  • You have regular, annoying and lasting contractions, every 5-10 minutes for more than an hour.
  • You suffer blood or fluid losses through the genital area.
  • You break water, even if you do not have contractions.
  • You have a fever or dizziness.
  • You notice an absence of foetal movement in the last 24 hours.

Access to the clinic for emergencies

If you go into labour, you must formalize the procedures for admission to the Emergency Department. From there, they will accompany you to the obstetrics area (4th floor) where the midwife will be waiting for you. If that doesn’t happen, when you exit the lift, ring the bell that is on the door. Afterwards, they will take you to the prenatal monitoring room and according to the assessment, you will be admitted, or you will be discharged.

Scheduled part

In the case of delivery scheduled for an induction or caesarean, you will have to go to the Admissions Department located next to the reception of the Corachan 2 building (Plaça Dr. Manuel Corachan).

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