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The patient 

The patient's well-being during treatment: psycho-oncological support

Cancer is not just a personal process, it also affects the entire family. To be prepared, we offer patients, as well as their nearest and dearest, formulas for accompaniment and support.

Psycho-oncology, Patient management / Patient assistance, Diet and nutrition, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Physiology and rehabilitation, Cosmetics / aesthetics, Cancer survivor group, Fertility preservation, Sexual dysfunction, Patients' school and other therapies.

How we work

The treatment processes are the result of the shared experience between GenesisCare and Clínica Corachan.

Each case is examined by a tumour committee made up of different specialists to design the best treatment strategy.

We have functional units specialising in very specific tumours. We maintain rigorous care protocol. We offer teaching and training classes, enabling us to have the best medical talent. We are committed to research and clinical trials which are the R&D of cancer treatments.

The patient decides

One of the characteristics of new oncology is to place the patient at the centre of any decision to be made about their health. Counting on this means offering them treatment alternatives and informing them about the possibilities. In this way, the patient participates with the medical team in their own treatment.

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A new vision on cancer: the GCCC 360 Centre of Oncological Excellence

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