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1.500 m2 dedicated to prevention, diagnosis, medical oncology, radiation therapy treatment and genetic counselling.

A specialist centre that offers patients integral accompaniment throughout all the phases of their treatment. A space that combines the most innovative techniques such as immunotherapy with psychological support to patients during their treatment and after it

One of the exclusive novelties will be planning radiation therapy treatment, which may be carried out by means of magnetic resonance, a pioneering treatment in Spain.

All the oncological specialities come together in the same space, in the Corachan Campus, a top-level hospital environment.

Preventative check-ups

  • Molecular diagnosis
  • Genetic counselling
  • Early diagnosis
  • Screening and check-ups

Oncological check-ups

  • Medical oncology
  • Radiation treatment oncology
  • Geriatric oncology

Diagnostic support

  • Imaging: PET / CAT, 3-Tesla magnetic resonance, CAT, Mammogram, Ultrasound scan, Radiology.
  • Laboratory: Extractions, Processing, Genetics, Pathological anatomy.

Medical oncology with a leading team in personalised treatments

No one cancer is the same as another. Therefore, we believe that treatments should be personalised. To do this, we have a highly qualified medical team made up of specialists who design treatments using all the alternatives within their reach.

  • Chemotherapy, Targeted therapies, Immunotherapy, Hormonotherapy.
  • Palliative care: inpatient, outpatient, home care, hospital care.
  • Day hospital with private rooms.

Immunotherapy and targeted therapies, new possibilities for cancer

Thanks to Dr. Bellmunt’s research, new targeted medications have been developed that have shown greater efficacy against some kinds of cancer.

Being in contact with the latest innovations in treatment is part of the philosophy of this new centre and medical team.

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A new vision on cancer: the GCCC 360 Centre of Oncological Excellence

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