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Preventive medicine: check-ups

The Clínica Corachan’s Medical Check-up Unit aims to detect risk factors that enable diagnosis, identification and prevention of any alteration in health.

Clínica Corachan offers a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment service in all its specialties in a coordinated manner and has the technology and the most qualified professionals to offer its patients personalized attention of the highest quality.

Who is the service intended for?

Men and women of any age concerned about their health and who want to prevent or cure possible diseases.

What does it consist of?

Full and personalized medical examination, coordinated by the Department of Medicine, which attends to each patient’s needs and circumstances. The Unit has a preferential circuit that enables testing in a single day with personalized support. At the end of all the tests, the coordinating doctor will make an assessment and give you all the necessary recommendations based on the results. Subsequently, a file is submitted together with the report prepared by the medical team and all the original tests.

What do we offer?

  • Next generation technology
  • Personalized service
  • Preferential circuit with accompaniment
  • Full breakfast and lunch in our restaurant
  • Daily press
  • Parking during your stay at the clinic
  • Follow up of subsequent visits

Why are check-ups important?

When or from what age onwards should I start getting check-ups?

These are increasingly frequent questions; little by little we become more aware of the importance of prevention in health to cure many diseases, due to both family background and our own risk factors. Detection in early stages of any disease increases the percentage of it being cured.

There are general recommendations for having a check-up according to age, whether there is a family history or if there are risk factors or not. The frequency of receiving a check-up may vary.

The symptoms, risks, habits or personal and family history that may exist are evaluated by our Internal Medicine specialist during the initial visit.


Check-ups for companies

Personalized service for your company letting you conveniently choose how your staff does the check-ups.

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Clínica Corachan offers a financing service, adapted to each patient’s needs, which facilitates cover for certain health treatments.

To find out more about our financing conditions, contact the medical check-ups unit by calling 689 311 396 or writing an email to chequeos@corachan.com

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