Paediatric traumatology

The Clínica Corachan paediatric orthopaedics team (paediatric traumatology or paediatric orthopaedic surgery) devotes its attention to the study and treatment of orthopaedic or traumatological problems in children.

Specifically, depending on the different anatomical areas, it offers specialized care in the following pathologies:

  • Hand:thumb in spring.
  • Spine: idiopathic scoliosis, muscular torticollis, back pain, spondylolisthesis, spina bifida.
  • Legs: angular pattern, torsional pattern, growth pains, limb dysmetria, growth spurts, Achilles stretches, ischiotibial stretches, stretch of adductors.
  • Hip: Perthes disease, Meyers dysplasia, transient synovitis, hip dysplasia, traumatic luxation, hip spring.
  • Knee: knee rod, valgus knee, Osgood Schlatter, Sinding Larsen Johansson, Baker's Cyst.
  • Foot: flat feet, equinovarus foot, valgus ankle and foot, pain in the heel, walking on tiptoes, footwear, plantar fibroma.

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