Within the subspecialty of knee surgery, we have at our disposal the most advanced techniques, which include from arthroscopy, and minimally invasive surgery to the most complex surgeries, which may require ICU care, such as prosthesis and prosthetic revisions.

Arthroscopic surgery

  • Meniscal, pathology, which includes from the meniscus to meniscal preservation surgery with meniscal suture.
  • Chondral injuries offering the entire therapeutic range from microfractures to the transplanting of autologous chondrocytes, to osteochondral or mosaicplasty self-transplanting.
  • Ligament surgery which includes from ACL tears to more complex injuries such as PCL tears or multi-ligament injuries caused by high-energy accidents.

Joint preservation surgery

Our objective is to preserve and prevent the appearance of advanced osteoarthritis; for this reason, within arthritic surgery we include extremity alignment surgery; this ranges from a simple high tibial osteotomy to multiple osteotomies, in the event of severe deformities at various levels.

We have experience with the handling and application of GROWTH FACTORS for the initial stages as an analgesic and to improve joint function.

Prosthetic surgery

Currently, prosthetic surgery is very advanced, both in terms of design and implantation techniques, including surgical navigation. We treat areas affected by gonarthrosis partial prosthetics, such as UNICOMPARTMENTAL PATELLOFEMORAL PROSTHETICS, AND BICOMPARTMENTAL PROSTHETICS; we implant TOTAL PROSTHESES for multicompartmental arthritic symptoms

We also treat problems caused by having a prosthesis, such as loosening, a painful prosthesis, or prosthetic infection.

When it comes to prosthetic surgery, we use personalized prostheses obtained via templates customized for each patient. A preoperative TAC is performed to plan the size of the prosthetic; we also use the Signature© BIOMET system.

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