Bone densitometry

It is a painless diagnostic test, which using a very low dose of Rx enables measurement of bone density, and establishment of the risk factor for fracture the patient has.

How it is performed?

The patient lies down face up on a gurney; the machine makes a noise that is not annoying, and a mechanical arm will move over him or her.

What discomfort can one cause?

It is a painless test that won’t cause you any discomfort.

What risks are there?

Bone densitometry does not have any risks.

What alternatives are there?

There are other tests that can be used to view bones, such as Tc, scintigraphy, radiography, but none of them can give the bone density measurements that densitometry gives.

List of test

Bones, joints and muscles

  • Bone densitometry


  • Bone densitometry

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