Spinal surgery: Spinal fusion / herniated spinal disc with spinal fixation

The herniated spinal disc with spinal fixation surgery joins two or more vertebrae in the lower part of the back by placing a prosthesis between the vertebrae so that they are fused.

This technique is used in elderly patients and in those in which there could be an instability that contraindicates a mobile prosthesis.

In recent years, new techniques have appeared that allow this kind of intervention to be carried out in a minimally-invasive way with small incisions, less muscular damage, accelerated recovery and fast incorporation into everyday life.

In spinal surgery, there are several forms of approach and, although they are usually carried out from the back, they can also be done from the front (through the abdomen) or laterally. In any case, an expert surgeon will advise you about the most suitable form of approach for you.

The usual duration of this intervention is between one and five hours, depending on the type of approach and the number of vertebrae to be operated on.

Days in hospital

The patient will be in hospital between four and seven days and will be able to go home on their own two feet.